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Cleaning glass can be frustrating. We'll take care of it for you

Restoring shower glass, sliding doors, and windows

Professional Glass Restoration

The most commonly restored glass is shower panels or doors that get built up with hard water deposits, soap scum, bacteria, and even mold from the constant moisture exposure. Additionally, glass sliding doors are also susceptive to damage from pets paws, children, and outside elements that leave your glass looking dingy and foggy. 

We use a combination of our professional expertise, polishing techniques, compounds, felt pads, and deionized water to remove these layers of filth and minor scratches to restore the transparency of the glass

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Glass Cleaning & Sealing

After the glass has been professional cleaned and restored, we apply a sealant that encompasses the porosities in the glass to repel future deposits and staining. It will also greatly assist you in maintaining your glass and keeping it in a clean, like-new condition. We are an experience glass cleaning company, so please feel free to reach out with any questions and we'll be more than happy to help.

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