What We Offer

Our services and solutions include:

OCD Home Cleaning


For the cleanest carpets and a healthy living environment, contact the experts at OCD Home today.

Couch Cleaning Service


Furniture is expensive. Instead of replacing, restore. Our IICRC-certified technicians know how to identify and clean all fabrics.

OCD Home Cleaning

Tile & Grout

Let us give your floors the fresh appearance they've been missing by allowing us to bring your Tile & Grout back to life.

Carpet Pet Stain Removal


Rugs can be sensitive when it comes to cleaning. We offer on site and off site professional rug cleaning at our Rug Spa in Tustin.

Marble Cleaning and Sealing


Hardwood floor looking dull? Oil and residues building up? Scratches in the coating? Give us a call to refinish them and let them shine again.

OCD Home Cleaning


We can clean, polish, and restore all stone types such as Marble, Travertine, Limestone, & More.

OCD Home Cleaning


When hard water deposits start making your shower glass door foggy, we can make sure it's clear once again. 

Carpet Pet Stain Removal


We LOVE all animals here at OCD Home, and don't mind cleaning up after them either.

OCD Home Cleaning


Whether you have a tile or stone countertop, we can remove the soil and restore the reflectivity better than a factory finish.

OCD Home Cleaning


A healthy, clean mattress will give you a better nights sleep and drastically help with allergies. Sweat stains, urine, and spills can also be treated.

OCD Home Cleaning


We have a stainshield protection solution for all your fibers, fabrics, and surfaces.

OCD Home Cleaning


Our name might say "Home" but we serve hundreds of happy commercial clients.