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Natural Stone Cleaning in Orange County

Stone floors can be a statement piece. They set the tone of the home and dirty floors set the wrong one. Natural stone is a porous material and holds soil easily which means dirt, cleaning residues, spills, and more absorb into the face of the stone as well as the grout that joins it. Let us remove those layers of grime to refresh the look of your home, and then seal it for protection so those porosities repel future build up. Contact us today to get the best, professional natural stone cleaning for floors, countertops, and outdoor living spaces in Newport Beach, Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Irvine, and the surrounding area.

Stone Restoration

When daily wear, high alkaline cleaning products, staining, furniture scratches, weather, and other elements begin to deteriorate the shine and feel of your stone, we can restore that luster with our extensive process.

Not only can we clean your stone, but we can remove etching and scratches with our stone restoration service by using diamond impregnated pads or resin pads. Stone specific products, machinery, and techniques enable us to correct damage to the surface, and then your stone is either honed to a matte finish or polished to a satin or high gloss. Our experts can actually bring your stone to higher than a factory finish. The final step is to dry and prep the surface to be sealed with a solvent based sealer that penetrates deep into the stone and creates a protective barrier to help with preventing staining as well as daily wear and tear.

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Stone Cleaning & Restoration Estimates

Give us a call today to see how we can bring your natural stone back to life! Our stone cleaning pricing is straightforward and identical to how our tile & grout cleaning is quoted. If you know an exact or rough estimation of your square footage, we are able to give you an estimate over the phone or you can book online at your own convenience. On arrival, your technician will use a laser measure to accurately tally the total square footage of the areas being cleaned and provide that cost to you before any work begins.

However, all restoration efforts are assessed on site and quoted based on the requested preference and expectations of each client.

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