5 Stubborn Stains That Demand Expert Stain Removal Services

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Having fresh, clean carpets is one of the clearest signs of a clean and happy home.

A clean, dirt free carpet makes an entire room feel put together and clean. And who doesn’t love the feel of a freshly cleaned carpet under their feet?

But while we all wish our carpets would always stay bright and pristine, stains are a fact of life.

Whether it’s a new puppy who hasn’t quite grasped potty training, or you lose your grip on your favorite coffee mug, carpet stains are unavoidable.

You can try to remove stains on your own with store bought products or home remedies, but there some stains that just don’t budge.

Here are some of the toughest stains out there that require a professional stain remover to get them out.

Pet Stains

If you’ve ever had a pet, then you have had to deal with the daunting task of cleaning pet stains. And chances are, you’ve had to deal with them more than once.

Pet stains are unavoidable. And while we love our pets, we definitely do not love their messes.

If you deal with the accident immediately, you can maybe avoid having a set in stain. But it’s very common for pet stains to happen and not be found until minutes or even hours later. By this point, the damage is done, and you’ve got a set in, stubborn stain on your hands.

And even if you manage to remove the majority of a pet stain and avoid discoloration, lingering odor is a problem that everyday cleaners can’t solve.

Sure, you can do your best to mask some pet odors. But usually these stains are deep in your carpet fibers and until they are professionally cleaned, the smell will remain.

Not to mention all of that pet dander builds up, adding to the rest of the bacteria lingering in your carpets. It’s estimated there are around 200,000 bacteria per square inch! Yikes.

To completely remove pet stains and their accompanying odors, a professional stain remover service is your best bet.

Coffee Stains

Ah, coffee. Some of us can’t start our day without it. We need it to have a productive day.

But while coffee can start a day off right, one spill and a good day can turn bad quick.

Coffee stains are notorious for being difficult to remove. And even if you do manage to remove the majority of it from your carpet, chances are it leaves a lingering discoloration behind. You know the one, that unsightly, yellowish-brown.

On top of an ugly stain, a coffee stain can leave behind a smell that just won’t fully go away. This is especially true if your coffee had milk in it.

If your everyday stain remover just couldn’t quite remove the stain and smell, then a professional cleaning is your best option.

Red Wine and Fruit Juice Stains

Red wine and fruit juice stains are some of the most common stains people have to deal with, and also some of the most stubborn.

Their vibrant, rich colors seep into carpet fibers and don’t want to let go. These kinds of stains need to be addressed immediately unless you want permanent damage.

If you’re hosting any kind of get together with red wine on the menu, chances are pretty high that an accident is going to happen. And since no one wants to stop in the middle of a party to clean, parties are big culprits for hard stains that need a professional stain remover.

Anyone with kids can attest to the fact that fruit juice stains happen often. If a parent doesn’t know about a fruit juice stain when it happens, then it will just sit there soaking into your carpet.

By the time you find a long forgotten juice spill, it’s too late. The stain will be set in deep and will require a professional stain remover.

Blood Stains

Like most stains, blood on a carpet needs to be addressed immediately, or you will be stuck with discoloration that just can’t be cleaned with everyday products.

The problem with dealing with blood stains is that the stain isn’t normally the top priority. The injury that is the cause of the blood needs to be dealt with first and foremost.

By the time an injury that left a blood stain on a carpet is dealt with, the stain is really in the fibers. And some products used to get out dried blood stains can cause their own discoloration to your carpet, such as hydrogen peroxide.

If you want to deal with lingering blood stains without resorting to harsh products that further damage your carpet, turn to a professional stain remover service.

Ink and Marker Stains

One of life’s biggest nuisances is a pen that decides to bust open on you. And if a pen gets ink all of your rug or carpets, then you’re really out of luck.

Ink stains penetrate deep and discolor your fibers. And like with blood stains, certain home remedies or harsh cleaners can damage your carpet.

On top of busted pens, markers are a top culprit in carpet stains. If you’re lucky, the stain will result from a washable marker and clean up is relatively easy. But if you’re not, then you’re stuck dealing with a permanent marker stain.

Permanent marker just seems to be one of those things that have a nasty habit of ending up in all the places it doesn’t belong (like your white carpet).

If you find yourself stuck with unsightly streaks of marker or blots of ink on your carpet, hire a professional stain remover service.

Hiring a Professional Stain Remover

If you find yourself stuck with unsightly stains or lingering smells that you can’t handle on your own, call a professional.

Steam cleaning will remove those deep stains and return your carpets to their original glory.

And even if you don’t have any glaringly bad stains in your carpets, you should still invest in a professional steam cleaning at least once a year.

Not only will annual cleanings make your carpets and rugs last longer, it will improve the air quality in your home.

If you’re ready to give your carpets the cleaning they deserve, contact us today for a free estimate!

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