Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is an island of nature in the middle of urban Orange County. It’s a favorite with trail runners for its serene oak/sycamore-filled canyons and hilltops with outstanding views.

You will start your adventure with a stroll down Coyote Brush Road which merges with Line Shack Trail. From here you’ll begin the gradual climb to the Serrano Cow trail. A great post ahead.

Hiking Trails

The park features a variety of hiking trails ranging from easy to moderate. Dramatic 100-foot sandstone cliffs and coiled red-rock formations highlight this spectacular park. Trails wind along canyon floors and sycamore and oak woodlands that are home to diverse wildlife.

Start your adventure with a hike on the Borrego Canyon Trail. This is an easy-rating, four-mile trail that starts off a little hilly and sunny before a climb to the top of the ridge. It is a little bit more shaded towards the end of the trail but be sure to bring enough water for your entire trip especially if it’s a hot and/or sunny day!

Next, try the Billy Goat Excursion Loop. This 2.7-mile hike starts off on Coyote Brush Road which merges with Line Shack. This portion of the trail is a typical fire road and somewhat bland; however, it quickly changes as you descend into Serrano Cow Trail surrounded by overhanging oaks. The trail hops from one canyon to the other and at times becomes a bit steep with loose stones.

Mountain Biking Trails

At the park, you will find a large collection of trails providing ride combinations for all levels. This includes mountain biking trails rated as intermediate to advanced. These trails are shared with hikers so be aware of your surroundings at all times.

For the casual hiker, the canyon floor trails such as Borrego Canyon, Line Shack, Sleepy Hollow, and Serrano Cow provide a nice afternoon stroll or a brisk morning run. The more adventurous can grub up the moderately challenging Dreaded Hill trail that rises 300 feet in less than an eighth of a mile from Four Corners.

OC Parks Director Stacy Blackwood says the agency is open to exploring ways to promote more outdoor recreation for mountain bikers. She points out that other Western states such as Oregon enthusiastically court mountain bikers with print and online brochures and permanent maps rating trails. Currently, the county parks system only allows one mountain bike race in any of its parks every 12 months. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Equestrian Trails

If you are a mountain biker, you will find many great trails in this park that range from wide paths to single-track trails. This park is a popular spot for bikers so be prepared to share the trail with them. While bikers are usually courteous and give hikers the right of way, they may be faster on the downhills so stay aware and move out of their way if necessary.

From a shady porch to a mountain top overlooking Orange County’s most scenic views, Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park offers a variety of hiking and biking trails that will satisfy every adventurer. With multiple trail loop options that vary in distance and level of difficulty, the options are endless. The park’s 2,500 acres are comprised of riparian canyons, oak woodlands, grassland hills, and coastal sage scrub. The park is open from 7 a.m. until sunset. Dogs are not allowed on the park’s trails as they disturb indigenous wildlife and disrupt their natural habits with their lingering scent.


The park is a popular camping destination with an array of campsites to choose from. Some campsites are fenced and closed off to the public but others offer open-air tent sites that are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors. There are also a number of picnic tables available for guests to enjoy.

With a variety of top-rated trails, scenic views, and must-see attractions, Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park is a great option for outdoor lovers. Located 20 minutes east of Irvine, this wilderness park features serene oak/sycamore-filled canyons, hilltops with outstanding views, and windy single-track trails.

Whether you’re looking for an easy hiking trail or want to push yourself on a more challenging hike, there are plenty of options for every skill level. Be sure to dress appropriately and stay aware of wildlife, as mountain lions and rattlesnakes are known to roam the area. Also, make sure to carry plenty of water and stay on the trail at all times. Refer to This Web Page.



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