The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Irvine

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A clean home is a happy home. It’s vital to maintain a clean environment in your home to maintain optimal health levels for you, your children, and your pets. Believe it or not, regular carpet cleaning is one small step for you, but one huge leap for your hygiene.

If you have pets, then you definitely need to have professional carpet cleaning performed throughout your home on a regular basis. No one wants to be that family with the home that smells like dogs but isn’t aware of it. Luckily, technology is on our side.

With recent technology and cleaning solution advances, it’s now possible to kill the bacteria on your carpet without using harmful chemicals that could affect the health of you or your family. With many options on the market, you can find the best fit for your home that will eliminate both odor and sickness-causing bacteria.

From steam cleaning to solution based washes, your carpet will look new while it offers your home a clean scent. We’ve done the carpet research for you and have compiled a list of why you need your carpets cleaned in Irvine:

1. Newport Air Isn’t All That Clean

With many deaths in Southern California being chalked up to air pollution, don’t forget that that same air infiltrates your home through your AC units or open doors and windows.

The truth is poor air quality has physical elements in that can find themselves resting on your carpet. Through dust and other air particles, your carpets can build up a film on the top layer. Though you may think of your home as a clean atmosphere for your newborn to learn to crawl in, you might want to think again.

Keeping your carpets clean through times of smog and serious air pollution can be a game changer for respiratory health. Carpet consists of thick threads that hold dirt and pollution in when they are repeatedly exposed to bad air. Leave pollution and bad air at the door with professional carpet cleaning throughout your home.

2. You Have Pets

Regardless of how well-behaved your pets are and how regularly you have them cleaned, your pets create an odor. We love our pets despite this fact, but that doesn’t mean our dinner guests will.

The problem lies in the fact that we live with our beloved four-legged family members, and can sometimes become immune to the smell. Unfortunately, this is not the case for our visitors.

Our pets are low-to-the-ground living specimens. They play, roll, sleep, sweat, and yes, even express their anal sacs on our carpet. I know, it’s gruesome. Dogs have anal glands that are full of smell fluid that needs to be emptied on a regular basis.

Miss your grooming sessions this week? Your dog may be expressing his anal glands on your carpet without you ever knowing or seeing it. Dogs will drag their behinds on your carpet until the anal glands release the horrible smelling liquid to find comfort again.

If your dog does this even one time, your carpet will build an offensive odor. As dogs repeat this the smell can embed in your carpet in a way that is difficult to eliminate even with professional carpet cleaning.

Make cleaning your carpet a regular habit if you have pets. It’s one of those necessary evils that just has to be done in a household with pets. Budget for professional carpet cleaning and hire the pros for a clean, odor-free environment for you, your guests, and your children.

3. Your Carpets Will Last Longer with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Truly, having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis will make them last for years to come. Getting the most bang out of your buck is important because carpet installation is costly. Not only will having your carpets clean affect your overall hygiene in the home, it’ll keep your carpets looking fresh.

Back to pet-land: if you have pets and you believe they are not urinating on your carpet, do the black-light test. Turn off your lights and take a black light over your carpeted areas of your home. Black-lights will show you where lint, dog fur, and urine stains are in your carpet.

Hold the fluorescent light just one to two feet above the floor and meticulously comb through your carpet to find stains. Sometimes our pets accidentally leak urine in small doses throughout our homes. After enough time, this can create quite a few stains and an offensive smell.

Eliminating stains regularly can help save the life of your carpets by avoiding multiple stain build-ups that can’t be removed. The hassle of having your carpets replaced is a stressful process. From moving our furniture out to handing over thousands of dollars it can take a toll.

Eliminate having to do so by having professional carpet cleaning performed on your carpets on a regular basis.

4. Carpet Aesthetic Realness

Clean looking carpet is nice looking carpet. Nice looking carpet makes for a nice looking home that is both inviting and relaxing for you and yours. Stepping into a home with carpets that look used and abused is not a conducive for an atmosphere of cleanliness and relaxation.

Let your carpets shine as bright as you originally intended them to back when you had the time of your life picking out the perfect carpet shade for your home. You don’t have to get rid of your pets or kids to keep a clean home, you just need to hire the right people to clean your beautiful carpets regularly.

Clean carpets go a long way when it comes to having a home that not only looks clean but is clean. A clean home can actually save you from sicknesses and medical bills.

Our House, Is A Very Very Very Clean House

Keep your house on top of its hygiene routine and protect your little ones with professional carpet cleaning. Eliminate odors and stains by having your carpets cleaned, it will also help your carpets last longer.

You can save money in the long-run by avoiding having to have them replaced, and you’ll enjoy the environment you are in with fresh looking shags. When you are ready for the best carpet cleaning available in Irvine, contact us today!

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