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Rug & Carpet Stain Protection

Spills happen, that's life, but sometimes those spills can be an expensive mistake. Whether it's the substance that's being spilled or the sensitive fiber it's being spilled on to, stains can be damaging and sometimes permanent. Even worse, is sometimes home methods of cleaning can "set the stain" which causes it to be uncorrectable. To reduce this risk, we recommend calling us as soon as a stain occurs and also having us apply our stainshield protection post cleaning so it helps prevent that exact issue.

Benefits of our Protector:

  • Repels stains, soils, water, and oils
  • Extends the life of the carpet or rug by double
  • Has UV protection to help prevent sun fading
  • Safe, non toxic
  • Doesn't change the look or feel of the fibers
  • Free spot removal for 90-days after initial cleaning and application 

Upholstery & Fabric Stain Protection

All the same benefits of our stain protection mentioned above for your carpet and rug is also equally true for your upholstery and fabrics. Stains are a pain and an eye sore. Couches, ottomans, dining chairs, and even office chairs are all great candidates to protect, so your home and your furnishing stay cleaner longer.

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