Mile Square Regional Park

Bounded by Edinger, Warner, and Brookhurst Streets in Fountain Valley, Mile Square Regional Park is a beautiful recreational area with two lakes, golf courses, soccer fields, and softball diamonds. The park also features a 55-acre recreation center.

Bike enthusiasts can rent bikes from Wheel Fun Rentals located near Edinger and Warner. Guests can choose from cruisers and kid’s bikes to four-wheel Surrey cycles. Read this first!

1. Fishing Lakes

One of the main draws of this Orange County park is the two fishing lakes located within. The park is a great place to fish for catchable rainbow trout in the winter and catfish in the spring.

During the summer, OC Parks runs fishing derbies for kids 6 to 15. They will compete with other kids in their age group. The winners are awarded prizes and trophies.

Aside from the lake, this park offers many other amenities. The 607-acre urban park includes two regulated golf courses, three soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, an archery range, a wilderness area, and a recreation center. The park also has concession-operated bike and paddle boat operations along with numerous picnic areas. Some of these facilities offer night lighting for extended play and activity.

2. Golf Course

This 640-acre urban park features two 18-hole golf courses, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, an archery range, fishing lakes, and a wilderness area. Its central location makes it a popular destination for family and group activities.

The golf course is divided into two sections: the “Classic” and the “Players”. The older section has a more traditional layout while the Players’ holes are more modern and links-style.

Both courses offer a challenge for golfers of all skill levels. The Classic’s hole 11 is a tough drive with water right and a bunker left that will make it difficult to reach the green in two. The green is also surrounded by trees, so accuracy is key to getting on in regulation. The Players’ Hole 15 is another tough par four that requires a long drive and accurate second. Visit another area in town here.

3. Soccer Fields

Soccer enthusiasts will find plenty of playing fields to choose from. It is a popular park for youth and adult leagues.

This is a large urban park with 607 acres that includes two golf courses, three soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, a wilderness area, and an archery range. There is also a recreation center and numerous picnic shelters.

There is a very nice playground in the middle of the park near Edinger and Euclid and a great playground on the south side of the park by Brookhurst and Warner. There are bike rentals available from Wheel Fun Rentals at the park. They offer a wide variety of bikes including cruisers, specialty cycles, and kid’s bikes. A six-passenger Surrey is also available for family outings on the beautiful pathways in the park.

4. Softball Diamonds

Located in Orange County, Fountain Valley is a vibrant community surrounded by beautiful parks and recreational activities. The city also hosts a number of outdoor concerts and cultural festivals throughout the year.

Visitors to the park can take advantage of its golf courses, soccer fields, baseball and softball diamonds, nature area, archery range, two fishing lakes, and concession-operated bike and paddle boat operations. In addition, the facility offers numerous picnic areas and several large picnic shelters.

Whether you’re looking for an active weekend getaway or a relaxing family vacation, this Orange County destination is sure to please. The best time to visit the city is during spring and fall when the weather is mild and sunny. Be sure to bring your camera and enjoy the scenery!

5. Archery Range

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors at this 607-acre park. Whether you’re a golfer, runner, or archer, this hidden gem has something to offer everyone.

The new archery range at the park was redesigned to accommodate all levels of archery, from beginners to seasoned pros. It features 24 shooting stations, a metal shade canopy, and targets set up in a north orientation with a safety berm.

For the beginner, a special introduction to archery course will be offered. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn the sport in a fun environment. A variety of gifts for archery enthusiasts are available at the nearby gift shop. Among these are recurve bows that are as stylish as they are powerful. The bows are crafted with precision and designed to maximize performance. Next blog post.



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