Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City is a great place to take your kids for a day of fun and learning. They have everything from a kid-sized grocery store to an art studio and even a beach. Children can use their imagination to create an entire world.

Kids can also get their time cards stamped at each exhibit and cash them in for pretend money at the bank. There is also a Real Cafe where you can buy healthy snacks for your family. Learn more by clicking here.

It is a place for learning

Located in Irvine, Pretend City is a great place for children to learn through play. It features 17 exhibits that are designed to be a miniature real-world environment. This allows kids to learn reading, science skills, and foundation math through interactive play. In addition, it helps kids develop better brains, be creative, and build problem-solving skills.

The museum is also a great venue for special events such as birthday parties and educational workshops. It has meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 900 guests. You can even book an event on their website.

Pretend City also offers a variety of family programs to help parents turn their children’s fun activities into rich experiences. These include the Good to Go from Head to Toe initiative, which provides on-site screenings, parent and provider education and training, and pediatrician outreach to increase the number of Orange County children who receive developmental screenings. The museum is also a Museum for All member, offering reduced admission for visitors using EBT cards.

It is a place for fun

Pretend City is a place for kids to be creative, explore their imaginations, and play together. It can also help them overcome phobias, increase tolerance, and learn to share. It can also improve problem-solving skills, and develop leadership.

Designed especially for children, the museum has 17 interactive exhibits that simulate a small interconnected city. This includes a Trader Joe’s grocery store, a dentist’s office, a hospital, and more. There are even exhibits where kids can pretend to work at a bank, beach, or farm. Kids can play in a water park, climb on the rock wall, and ride the fire truck.

For families with low income, the Pretend City Children’s Museum offers a discounted ticket price for visitors who present Calfresh/EBT. The price is reduced to $3 per person and there may be a limit on how many people get the discount. It’s worth checking their website for the latest information. Homeschool days are also available and include a free Facilitated Lesson. Classes include Dancin’ in the City, which is an introduction to dance for preschool children. This unique place is a must-see!

It is a place for socialization

Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine is a place where kids can socialize and interact with other children. The museum features 17 interactive exhibits that simulate a small interconnected city. There’s a grocery store, bank, doctor’s office, cafe, farm, and even a stage. The museum offers many opportunities for children to learn reading, science skills, foundation math, and be creative.

In addition to the educational components, the museum also provides support for parents. The PNC Foundation awarded a grant to the museum that allowed it to host monthly child development classes at the facility. Besides the classes, participating families also received free meals and assistance with transportation to the program in the form of gas cards or Uber rides.

Pretend City also hosts Family Autism Nights, where it makes special modifications to allow children with autism and other unique abilities to enjoy a stigma-free experience. These events are usually free and include story time and arts and crafts projects.

It is a place for wellness

Pretend City is more than just a place for kids to play. It’s a community that builds better brains through fun, whole-body learning experiences and empowers children to meaningfully connect with and expand their worlds. It’s a great way to teach your kids about science, math, and literacy.

The museum is built like a small interconnected city and features a grocery store, construction site, cafe, police station, and health center. In each of these environments, children can take on roles and build socialization skills. The museum also provides developmental screenings and educational programming.

My daughter and I have visited Pretend City many times. We enjoy playing together and love the fact that they are always adding new exhibits. They even used to have a Field Trip Report on their home page that let you know how busy or quiet the museum would be for the day. This was such a useful tool and I hope they bring it back! Check out this interesting post!



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